BuffSpec Launches New, State-Of-The-Art Website

April 10, 2020 |

On behalf of the entire BuffSpec family, it is a pleasure to be able to share the ins-and-outs of the new and improved, phase 1. A few notes thought to be important to have pointed out:

The first thing you will notice is a friendly interface. We placed the most important features of our website in to their own pages. We brought our online design feature into a self-hosted platform. We added more opportunity to showcase partners. We added transparency with our team. We explained our qualifications & certifications, not just list them. We added customer portals, which will continue to get built out & improved in regards to functionality. Our most touted new tool: The cutting-edge fundraising platform.

We built one of the industry’s premier web-platforms and intend to continue to add more. The fifteen month process to get to this point was far a fun, intriguing, and thoughtful challenge. We are grateful to the development teams that erased the words “no” and “impossible” from their vocabularies. We are grateful for our in-office staff, not only those that contributed, but those that paved the way for us to undertake the project. Most importantly, we are grateful for the clients that have led us to this precipice.

Follow along as new phases, features, and developments are rolled out by checking in here!

Blog by Account Executive Micah Stalarow. Micah has been a proud member of the BuffSpec team since 2016 and was the director for features & functions on this project. He is proud of the product rolled out and ecstatic to know that the list has barely been started.

Interested in seeing what the first draft looked like? Check this link.

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